lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Found Guilty

Oh my…
I lost my purity and it became also clear that innocence was also missing
I don’t remember how or where I left ithem.
I looked in every corner of my past
I searched high and low
Suddenly there in the middle of my hear,
I found one finger print of human nature
next to a few skin cells of his accomplice… life.
They have stolen piece by piece
every week
every day
every hour
until I was left with none.

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010


It hit me hard, I couldn’t avoid it.

A strong smell of putrefaction engulfed me, as I got near to the corpse that laid in the middle of the street.

I looked into to the dead face,

something inside off me screamed.

That nose,

those lips…

were the same ones,

I always saw in the mirrors.

Maria Fischinger @ 2010

viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

The Idiot

Stranger to hypocrisy
and protocol.
Born to a world
that knows no other way.
He walks among them,
without a guide,
without acceptance,
without love.
Unable to be indifferent
to abhorrent actions;
he acts,
and tries to help.
He losses himself
in dark insanity.

MariaFischinger @2010