viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

Mediocrity and His Friends

Mediocrity and Hate arrived holding hands
to take charge of the school.
They fired Justice and invited all their friends.
Arrogance destroyed the previous structure.
Ignorance started to plan a new one;
it spent hours, days, weeks and months
trying to come up with another structure,
but, only opened the door to Chaos.
Chaos brought Recrimination
who was followed by Demoralization.
Demoralization pushed down Quality,
who was already comfortably in place.
Gossip replaced Experience.
Prepotency stamped over Dignity.
Insecurity established a net of espionage and
prohibited free communications among colleagues.
While Hypocrisy smiling and with sweet words
offered pizzas and food,
Mediocrity pointed to Sabotage,
who was not present,
as the one responsible
for the poor results obtained
by the administrative staff.

Chicago@ 2005

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